Creative Construction

Over the last few months, M has been constructing 3-D paper crafts. Perhaps she has been inspired by all of the new building toys we have acquired lately (Magna-Tiles, Amaze ‘N’ Marbles, ZoobMobile, and CitiBlocs, to name a few). Here are a few of her creations (that I remembered to photograph): a chicken coop, table, and covered wagon.

left: chicken coop; right, upper: table; right, bottom: covered wagon

left: chicken coop; right, upper: table; right, bottom: covered wagon

Ever since we visited The Leonardo and made some cardboard/stick creations, I have been wanting to provide a bin of “junk” for the girls to create with. I kept putting it off until “After The Move”…which, obviously, hasn’t happened yet and we are still completely clueless as to when it will happen (sometime before the end of this year). So since I recently found an empty storage bin, I filled it up with cardboard, paper rolls, egg cartons, wooden sticks, fabric scraps, wood cubes, etc. I quickly realized that this bin will need to be larger (but that will wait until after we move) and it will be fun to add random recycling items and other craft supplies for replenishing it. I admit it is hard for me to let go of some of the more “precious” crafting materials, like feathers, glitter glue, etc, but I have every intention on mixing those in randomly from time to time.

TheLipperLoppyLife: Creative Construction materials (upcycle!)

TheLipperLoppyLife: Creative Construction materials (upcycle crafting!)

The girls have loved exploring and creating with this bin; they have used it daily since! Some of their first creations included an instrument (M never called it a guitar or other stringed instrument, just “instrument”), some pipes for moving water (this was C’s specific explanation), and sail boats.

130406 bulding2

Even the dog loved the full-access to these crafting materials!

130406 bulding1So, have you been collecting recyclables and other crafting materials? Put them all in a bin and let your kiddos have free access – they will love it!


  • "Living is learning and when kids are living fully and energetically and happily they are learning a lot, even if we don't always know what it is. " - John Holt
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