Around the World with Sticker Dolls

My girls love the Sticker Dolly Dressing books from Usborne. You can get them at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or through your local Usborne consultant. We’ve done Princesses, Fairies, Ballerinas, Dancers, Bridesmaids and Weddings (to name a few). It has been simply for fun (and great for entertaining the older sisters when baby sis was born), but I’ve also cringed at how materialistic some of them seem to be (there’s one just for Shopping, for example). I really wished the Weddings included same-sex couples and different cultural weddings (instead of just an American view). The Ballerinas book does feature different ballets, which is educational (and since the girls love reading Ella Bella Ballerina books, they are already familiar with some ballets). There are historical fashion books too, which we haven’t tried yet (because the girls gravitate so much to the princess/fairy themed ones), but I’m looking forward to doing this as well (perhaps when we start making historical timelines next year).

I decided to introduce the Around the World book to the girls. It features different world cultures, with a world map to keep track. I honestly wasn’t sure how the girls would react, but the costumes are so beautiful and the girls enjoy learning about geography and cultures, that they are loving it!

Usborne Sticker Dolly Dressing Around the World

Usborne Sticker Dolly Dressing Around the World

So far, we’ve met Norwegian Reindeer Herders, Spanish flamenco dancers, a Japanese bride and groom, and Austrians dressed for a folk festival. After working on a page together (there are instructions on the sticker sheet for placing the costumes in order, as well as clothing names), we usually try to find a YouTube video as well (we’ve viewed reindeer being round up in Norway, though the herders were wearing modern clothing, flamenco dancing, and Austrians dancing a traditional dance). The book would be a great base for a cultural study, but I’m happy to just do these little tidbits for now. The girls have been asking daily to do more. Usually, they go through the sticker books in a day or two, but I’ve been intentionally making us do this one slowly.

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  1. ecomamatoto

     /  January 4, 2013

    We just did Mexico and Poland. We found an instructional polka video on YouTube, so I’m totally going to teach Dada how to dance the polka tonight!

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