A Monday Discussing Mortality and Moose

Today was full of fun and learning, so I felt inspired to blog about it. We started the morning with a little PBS television and breakfast. Had a great conversation about death, brought up by M, stating that she doesn’t want to die because she wants to become a mommy. And ending with C saying, “If Grandma dies, you will be so sad. If you die, M, L, and I will be so sad.”

We hopped in the car to attend the nature storytime at the Swaner EcoCenter. Today’s topic was moose. They read two stories, put together a moose puzzle, saw how tall a bull moose is, and made moose masks. I’m not sure what the girls learned, because M was the student that kept answering all of the teacher’s questions. She knew that only the bulls had antlers, recognized the moose’s footprint, and could identify between a bull, cow, calf, deer, and elk. When she rambled a sentence off to the teacher, the teacher didn’t understand and just did the “uh-uh” answer, but when M spoke just a word or two, everyone understood her. I wonder if I should tell the teacher in advance that it would be helpful if she doesn’t understand to give us time for M to get it right. I know it might be distracting during the class, but it’s really rude to M — she can tell when she’s not understood, so basically the teacher is showing her that what she says isn’t important. I also wish that the class was geared more towards learning/investigating than just stories and crafts. I guess we will have to supplement with additional learning at home (it’s what we do anyway!). The girls love attending and it is always a fun little trek into the mountains. The class is held twice a month, but I like just going once a month.

As a treat, we always walk to a nearby cafe to pick out a cookie afterwards. This cafe makes a bunch of yummy stuff, but they always have a sugar cookie decorated for the season/holiday. Last time it was ghosts; this time pumpkins.

Then we went home for lunch. We finished reading our Anna Hibiscus chapter book at lunch time. The girls loved this book! Each chapter starts with the same lines: “Anna Hibiscus lives in Africa. Amazing Africa.”, and the girls love to recite along with me. There are other chapter books in the series, as well as a picture book, Anna Hibiscus’ Song, which we’ve read from the library before, and I’ve since secretly purchased and saving to give to the girls.

The girls played outside, and inside, while I did some housework. Then we went to a park so I could attempt to run, with the two littles in the double jogging stroller, and M biking alongside. But early on, M complained of tired legs, and also wanted a slower pace, so I only ran a half mile for almost 10 minutes. But something is better than nothing. We hung around to see the ducks, geese, and seagulls at the pond, and then went back home.

The girls did more outside play; apparently they have been playing “yard work”, since they have been helping me this past week with raking up leaves and cleaning the gardens.

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