An Afternoon Hike

Yesterday we hiked up the canyon and found a cat-faced spider on the path, crunched and played in autumn leaves, and fought over rocks and trees to climb. It had been one of those days when the 5-year-old is just a little miserable to all of us, so there was even a little bickering on the hike. But I always feel so peaceful when out in nature, even with the children’s “background noise.” We had such a lovely time soaking up the autumn sun, and it was just what we all needed. I feel so fortunate that we are only 5 minutes away from paradise!

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  • "Living is learning and when kids are living fully and energetically and happily they are learning a lot, even if we don't always know what it is. " - John Holt
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    “LipperLoppy” is a word that my daughters invented. It is usually used as a silly adjective or noun. It's a frequent family joke and a good representation of our family's crazy joyful life.
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