A Morning at the Zoo

This morning we went to the zoo to see the new giraffe calf. She is adorable! Just 12 days old, with the cutest wrinkly skin. (The girls and I kept wondering what the mama had looked when pregnant, so we had to google pregnant giraffe photos when we returned home.) M also observed how the giraffe’s legs became mostly white at the bottom. We spent about ten minutes watching the calf and her mama. The mama was busy eating hay, branches, and leaves and the calf spent her time licking the cage. The girls asked where the father giraffe was; I actually knew the answer, from a recent news article (the Dad was sent to another zoo while our zoo is upgrading an African Savannah, and he will return once that is completed). C decided that the other two female giraffes were the grandma and grandpa. A few times the calf tried to nurse, but the mama always pushed her away. I don’t know if it was because the mama was busy eating, but I felt bad for the calf. She could have been a little stressed with us staring at her — it was definitely a situation where I wouldn’t think twice to nurse my baby in. Maybe the mama is still shy about nursing-in-public. 😉 I’m joking; with a zoology degree I do take anthropomorphism seriously. (By the way, the local newspaper got some great photos of the calf, even nursing ones, so check them out here!)

We got to see more firsts at the zoo today too! We saw a lot of animals eating: the elephants and rhinos were eating hay; a gorilla was eating veggies; the tiger brothers were chewing on beef bones. The tigers get bones to chew on about twice a week, both to clean their teeth and for enrichment. Their food at the zoo consists of horse meat and beef. We were bummed that the polar bear wasn’t out in her pool, until we discovered she was napping in her den. It was a lovely morning.

After lunch and during the toddler’s nap, I worked on housework while the girls played. I do recall needing to buy another cup of lemonade from M; today the price was 1 cent. The girls also had a lot of fun jumping on their bed together, until the play got too rough and I had to end it. M was looking forward to finishing two paper dolls in speech class today, so much so that she prepared beds for them before we left for class. After speech I continued to clean (seriously the house needed it, and there’s still more to do) while the girls played (and helped me a little). M made a book of pictures; she’s going to add text to the book another day, with my help. A friend stopped by briefly to pass on some nursing clothes — isn’t that just the best? I got to enjoy wonderful conversation in the sunshine while the children frolicked in the front yard. And the toddler sucked on a couple berries from a bush while I was distracted by the wonderful conversation. Yup, I have know idea what bush this is (even if it’s in my yard, I didn’t plant it) or if the berries are safe. Honestly, I didn’t even know that the bush had berries, which is why I let the toddler wander over there to begin with! That’s how little I know my front yard, geesh!

We never did get to the activity I had planned for today, but no matter, there’ll be another day for that!

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