Leaves and Language Arts

This morning we went to a nature storytime at the Swaner Ecocenter in Park City. The girls loved it, and I enjoyed the drive up Parley’s Canyon and into the mountains! They listened to a story about an oak tree, painted a fingerprint autumn tree (very similar to what we did last week at home), sang a song, and made a leaf identification page with leaf stamps. M’s favorite thing was making the leaf identification page and C’s favorite thing was gluing her painted tree to the orange paper frame. I loved the fact that the leader could understand most of what M said (except when M tried to say “chair”). M still isn’t very clear in the least, but it’s a big accomplishment for a stranger to understand most of her speech! Afterwards we ran up to the rooftop viewing deck to take a glance at the wetland before heading back home. What a lovely start to the day!

After lunch, I wanted us to practice identifying tree leaves some more, so I found a tree leaf bingo game for us to play. It was fun, and I’m sure we will be doing this often this autumn!

Still thinking about leaves, we gathered some leaves from our backyard for leaf rubbing.

We read one of our favorite fall stories, The Little Yellow Leaf, and then decided to act it out. The girls dressed up in Daddy’s shirts (one in yellow, the other in red) and pretended to fall off the tree by jumping off the couch.

Today is also our language arts day, so C worked on the letter D for her ABC book (including making this cute D is for Duck craft below, inspired by this blog).

M worked on -at family words for reading/writing. We still play the snakes and ladders board game I mentioned a few weeks ago, adding the word cards each week; M loves this! I also throw in some new words from the word family when we do the game, and she sounds them out perfectly (for example, before the game, we practiced, bat, cat, hat, and mat, but the game included sat and pat). Today I even put together the -an and -at words (like pan and pat) so she could really compare the two and read them. And she put together a phrase with the game word cards (Pat the dog). She is doing well reading most letters, but still has trouble with some letter sounds, like j (and I haven’t started blends with her yet).

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