Music and Movement

Wednesdays are busy: gymnastics in the morning, speech in the afternoon. That alone is enough to tire the girls out.

But there is always more to the day!

  • M decided she wanted to write out her doll’s names. I spelled for her while she wrote them out. (I think she was making invitation’s to a doll’s birthday party.)
  • C also wanted to write the doll’s names. So I wrote them with highlighter, which she traced over with a marker. Actually, all of the names uses letters that C can do by herself, but we didn’t have time at the moment for that.
  • Outside play. I have no idea what they did, because I was busily trying to fold laundry, wash dishes, etc. I’m still trying to catch up on housework from our two recent camping trips, and this new homeschool routine doesn’t leave me much time!
  • M wrote a list of words that she wants to practice her speech on. Again, I spelled for her.
  • A library trip. To pick up the 20 books I had reserved on hold for us. This is how I am able to get a multitude of books to the house on a frequent rotation. We don’t always have time to hang out at the library, so I preorder the books, and when we have time, we browse too. Within the year I hope to encourage M to find books herself using the computer and introducing the dewey decimal system. This particular order today included input from the girls, so we got Fancy Nancy, Dora, and Strawberry Shortcake books in the bunch. Our new chapter book that we will be reading at lunchtimes in Winnie the Pooh.
  • Reading. What else do you do when you come home with a bunch of new books? The girls spent a good hour just looking at the books, and I’ve read a few of the books to them. I love the first-day-back-from-the-library days. The car ride was quiet, the house was quiet, for awhile at least!
  • M copied from the Fancy Nancy book the words “fancy” and “plain” and labeled some things around the house.
  • Music class. I’ve decided to introduce some music theory into our musical explorations. Today we played around with dynamics. We played drums, switching to different dynamics; listened to the varied dynamics in Holst’s The Planets, Jupiter; and read the dynamics on a sheet of music. When M first saw the cards I made up with pp, pf, and ff, she read them by sounding out the letters! (I didn’t introduce mezzo piano or mezzo forte today; I was trying to simplify the concepts.)

Today was also a day where it seemed that M kept bickering with C (and C runs to complain to me). I know M was feeling tired most of the day, and that explains a lot of it. I decided at snack time to separate them; C ate her snack first while M sat in her room. I think it helped a lot, so I’m going to try to be proactive about this. Next time I feel they are bickering too much, I will direct them to separate activities. We all need a little space sometimes! I am so hoping our next home has different floors too, because that will nice to be able to spread out a little more. Especially when I’m trying to lay the baby down for a nap (the playroom is currently right next to our bedroom…um, yeah, that works).

But Dada is home early! I might get help making dinner (actually, he helped make dinner last night too).

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