Typical Tuesday

Today the girls started with TV again. I need to get better at going to bed at a reasonable time, because this busier schedule makes me a zombie in the mornings! But thank goodness for the cooler weather, as I got to enjoy a delicious cup of french press.

I also think that I made up for the TV time by making chocolate chunk pancakes and eggs for breakfast. Yum!

After getting dressed, we all tumbled outside to collect some nature specimens for sketching. C chose some squash (I don’t even know what kind this is growing in our garden), sunflower seeds and fresh sunflower flowers, and M chose a leaf, dandelion, rock and squash. In the end, we placed them all on the table for everyone to sketch in their art books anyway. We counted 15 petals on one sunflower and 13 on another.

Even the baby insisted on getting in on the action. She sure is getting pretty demanding at participating in everything! (She did mostly just eat the crayon anyway.)

I was already going to chock this up as both an art and science (botany) activity, when, C spotted a surprise! A few bugs/beetles were on one of the sunflowers! We decided to scoop them into our magnifying bug container for a closer look. Then I pulled out our Peterson Insect Guide to try to identify the little buggers. They were brown, beetle-like, about 4 mm long, with six legs and two crazy antennae sticking out from a long snout. At first I was discouraged and thought that I would not be able to figure it out. But then I found it: a snout beetle known as a weevil! I have much more respect for entomologists! Later I printed a weevil coloring page for the girls to color.


After observing them for a little while (one escaped the container by crawling through an air hole!) we released them back outside.

Then we decided that we would have an art show tonight after dinner to showcase their work. We did a brief practice run and then made a sign, an invitation to give to Dada, and tickets to the show. M decided that the tickets would cost $5!

Then it was time for me to put the baby down for a nap. After over a year of her napping either in my arms or on my back, I have to admit it is freeing to nurse her in bed, and leave her there for her 2 hour nap! Woo-hoo! And I still get to snuggle her all I want during the night. She naps best when nursed down in bed, so I’m trying my best to be home at that time (11-1).

After lunch the girls created a bakery store and asked me to buy something. I purchased some sweets for $4 and M gave me change for my $5 Curious George bill. She also gave me a receipt and a sticker (which I think she got the idea from all the iced coffee I have been buying from drive-thrus; the 3 coffee shops we visit give out either a sticker, dog bone cookie, or lollipop with a purchase).

After speech class and snack, we baked chocolate chunk banana bread (math!) together. C got to crack the egg this time (if you don’t yet let your 3-year-old crack an egg, do! Just use a separate bowl in case of any shell. C does a great job usually.).

Since Tuesday is our “Art” day, we also read a few pages from our book, A is for Art: An Abstract Alphabet. We took our time looking at a piece, finding the hidden letter, and discussing the different aspects in a piece. It really is a cool book!

And now it’s free play until dinner (homemade pizza and roasted tomato soup). While I’ve been typing this, the girls collaborated on a big art piece (4 pages glued together with 4 pictures drawn on it) and are now looking at their library books. The baby has been with me, nursing off and on while “playing” in my office, aka “making a mess in the already messy office.”

And now the baby is pooping for the third time today! I need to get these caught in the potty, not the diaper! I better get offline!

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  1. timbra

     /  September 12, 2012

    i love your daily writing. . .it sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun and time to explore.. . we went to wheeler today. let’s do an outing in the near future, if you’re up for it. . .before you leave!!! except i’m gone til the 24th


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