Reading and Writing 1-on-1

Every Monday we will be doing some 1-on-1 time with language arts. We spend a lot of time each day working on reading and writing (M is always writing and practicing sounding out letters, just for play), but I wanted some weekly structured work too. Usually we do our homeschooling activities together (both M and C; I gear the activity for M’s level and lower it down to C’s) but I thought that (1) M would benefit most from 1-on-1 for reading and (2) C would also enjoy 1-on-1 time with me. Today was the first time I tried it out, while wrestling with the baby (maybe next week I will wait until her nap for this).

While I worked with C, M played some online reading games. C already knows how to write her name (although sometimes she writes it backwards or mixes the letters around) and how to write a few other letters. I thought she would enjoy making an ABC book, so each week we will work on a new letter.

We started with “A”, naturally! She hunted for a’s in a short text (we used this printout), cut’n’pasted A words (from this printable), made an apple craft (from here), and of course, practiced writing (using this worksheet). She wrote both capital and lowercase A’s well, but insisted on doing it a little differently (for “A”, she started on the bottom, made a hill and then put the line across; and for “a”, she first made the line and then the circle). I never did formal ABC stuff with M (there are so many activities to do with an alphabet theme, if you’re interested just google it); I really think it is unnecessary, but I needed to come up with something to do with C! She really enjoyed it, and can’t wait to show her ABC book to Daddy when he comes home tonight.

The baby even did some work; she made her first drawing today!

Then it was time to switch. C got to play some online games (from starfall or while I worked with M. This didn’t go as smoothly as I thought it would; although C is self-sufficient on my iphone or ipad, the laptop mouse was difficult for her to work, so I needed to run back and forth a lot. I hadn’t planned anything to do with M, so I just winged it.

First I made simple CVC words for her to read. She did great, but it is a challenge. Because she is apraxic, it is hard for her to even say most CVC words correctly, so this was both a reading and speech practice! (In her speech therapy we work on CVC words.) Then she read the first pages of Hop on Pop (with the words Cup and Pup). She did it, but sometimes she would just guess without reading, or, in the case of the phrase “Pup in cup.” she kept wanting to say “in a”, so was she reading or reciting? I really think it is at least twice as hard for her because of her speech disorder, but she is motivated and we will continue to go along at her pace! Then, for writing practice, she wrote a letter to a family member to mail. I figure the best writing practice is motivated writing, so she chose the family member and what she wanted to write, and I just spelled the words for her. M writes in all capital case and that’s fine by me for now; she knows how to write lowercase.

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