Cloud Explorations

Over the summer we started some cloud explorations, and we finally finished our last cloud experiment today!

We read some great books about clouds, including:

We spent a lot of time cloud gazing, and pointing out the three main cloud types (cumulus, cirrus, and stratus).

We had some art fun by reenacting rain clouds. We followed the directions from this blog: but basically you fill a glass jar with water (this is the “air), put shaving cream on top for the “cloud” (tip: regular shaving cream, not the gel!), and drop watercolors on the shaving cream. After a few moments you will see the colors stream into the water like rain! The girls loved doing this and kept making it rain until the jar was black.

Science Book Observations: M, left; C, right

And we did 2 science experiments.

First we did an experiment to make rain, following these instructions. You put hot water in a glass jar, cover it, and place ice cubes on top, creating condensation that forms water droplets.

Science Book Observations: M, left; C, right

Then today we made a cloud in a bottle, following these instructions. I used a honey bottle, but I would like to try the experiment again with a 2-liter bottle again. We weren’t able to make that big of a cloud in the smaller plastic jar I had, so it was hard to see. But exciting anyway, and it really helped the girls understand that you need water, dust, and air pressure to make a cloud. (There are also experiments online using a pump; these look even more exciting.)

Science Book Observations: M, left; C, right (C turned her bottle into a person!)

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