An Artful Day

I have assigned “Music and Dramatic Arts” for our subject on Wednesdays, because most Wednesdays are busy with gymnastics and speech classes. I wanted an “easy” subject for me to do when I feel tired and that takes little planning.

The baby was a fussy sleeper last night. So when everyone woke up after 7, I sent the big girls to the living room to watch Curious George and Cat in the Hat; I just needed some quiet time to gather myself together. Then breakfast, playtime, and getting dressed for the day. Most of the playtime was drawing or writing; M wrote a list of words (without any vowels) but sounded them out correctly. She said she made the list of sounds for her to practice her speech with. C drew pictures of a spider and a dolphin; I so love seeing her drawing develop! (milestones never get old, do they!)

We usually have gymnastics Wednesday mornings, but this week we had off, so we decided to take advantage of the free day at our local art museum, the Utah Museum of Fine Art (UMFA). This was our first visit, as C is only 3.5 years and is a very kinesthetic learner: no running and no touching is hard for her! So it was a short visit (under 20 mins) but we survived without damaging the art!

The homeschooling highlight was that M recognized a Georgia O’Keeffe painting from our previous study of her!!! Proud Mama moment!

M’s favorite was the O’Keeffe painting, with a (real life!) princess painting coming in a close second. C’s favorite was an oversized porcelain statue of a man, called “Ethnic Man” as well as the Egyptian Coffin. I loved seeing the multiple paintings of the Virgin Madonna breastfeeding.

We even got to take a peek at the (pay-only) Speed Exhibit. Cool!

Afterwards, I rewarded ourselves with an iced mocha (for me) and cookies (for the big girls) from the museum’s cafe. We hung out outside to let the baby run around for a bit before heading back home.

When we got home, while the baby continued napping from the car ride, M and C played outside making mud pies. They came inside talking about a big furry black monster that wanted to eat them, and brought me outside to see him. So together we acted out the We’re Going On A Bear Hunt story (a favorite of ours) and went on a monster hunt. Then back inside for lunch and a reading of our chapter book and a picture book. We read The Moving House, which was a good way to begin more conversations about our upcoming move, and discussed things that we will miss about our house when we move (C was happy to learn that the piano will move with us). Then the girls ran back outside, this time to build a fairy forest, while I did some housework and internet browsing.

Off to speech we went, but not before playing some more of the hunting game. This time we hunted a Black Bear, that had chased us all the way into the car! We survived, luckily! We did discover that a pink bear had sneaked into the car but luckily Care Bears are friendly.

After speech class we did a family music class. We have done Music Together classes before, so I model that with the children. I also bring out the guitar to sing a few songs (our favorite song I can play on the guitar is I Had A Rooster). C had a major meltdown during music time, so we were delayed a bit by that. She felt better after eating a snack (which she had refused when we first got home, silly girl). M also did a brief piano lesson. She’s learning about quarter notes and half notes right now. She is more adept at playing the keys but was struggling with understanding half notes today. I’m hoping to get some books from the library about musical games to help her understand the theory side of things better.

Then we went our separate ways for more playtime. The girls have played ponies with their dolls and pony, I practiced some more guitar, and M is now making a Ballet Show sign because she wants to do a ballet show tomorrow night after dinner. (Actually, she wanted to do it tonight, but we’re going out for a work function, so we won’t have time.) Which reminds me, I don’t have to make dinner tonight!! But I do need to get everyone dressed up and looking presentable. And the baby has just pooped, so I best be done with this post!

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