Measuring Porter

Yesterday, we read the book, Measuring Penny, by Loreen Leedy. It is great book illustrating the many different ways you can measure something. It is an engaging story about a girl measuring her dog in many different ways. I had anticipated using it to encourage more measuring fun.

I was pleasantly surprised that immediately after reading it, M wanted to not only measure, but measure our dog Porter, just like the story. M used the book as a guide. What I liked best about the book was the easy discussion between standard and nonstandard units of measure (inches versus dog biscuits, for instance).


Porter was a good sport.

Measuring Porter
Nose Length = 4 inches (unit = inch)
Tail Length = 14 inches (unit = inch)
Ear Length = 1.5 dog bones (unit = dog bone)
Paw Width = 5 cm (unit = cm)
Sitting Height = 27 inches (unit = inch)

Afterwards, we read, Me and the Measure of Things, by Joan Sweeney. This provided a more thorough discussion of weights and measures in our daily lives.

I borrowed both books from the library, but I am adding them to our “To Buy” list, as they would be great to have around whenever the kids are inspired to measure.

And today, I realized we had one more library book about measuring. So we read, Inch by Inch, by Leo Lionni, a cute story about an inchworm measuring birds to avoid being eaten.

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